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When I designed this cover, I thought about what I would want to see on it and what would best represent the album. Ultimately, I chose the two girls' faces because the songs on the album are about human emotion that can be best displayed in the eyes of the girls. The sombre looks on their faces match the often dark tones in the songs on the album. Yulia and Lena are t.A.T.u and their faces in this photo convey the message in their music.

I chose to make the cover black and white because color in portraits can sometimes be a distraction from the purpose of the photo but black and white can allow you see the full meaning in the expressions on their faces that the close up shot draws attention to. In addition to making the photo black and white, I added a graininess to it that helps represent the darker tone and rebellious feel that so many of t.A.T.u.'s songs (like Time of the Moon, White Robe, and Chelovechki) are about.

The girls faces are close together to represent the close relationships that are presented in the songs remixed on this album. While many of the songs represent troubles faced in the outside world or even internal conflicts within oneself or a relationship, they also present two people whose closeness helps them survive the obsticals they are confronted with. Even in the songs that present a shattering bond between people, it is still that closeness that drives the song.